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A SAIL BREAK Classic IBIZA, is calling you! ⛵️

Let’s welcome those seeking an authentically unique atmosphere, breathtakingly beautiful seas, and performances by world-renowned DJs! 🤩
Get ready for a week where you’ll fall in love with the hippie culture, feel like you’re in another world while wandering around castle walls, and experience unparalleled parties at globally famous clubs 🇪🇸

5/4.87 Participant satisfaction!


24 – 30 August

Price Fixing with 20% Advance Payment

Unconditional 100% Refund until July 12nd

3.650 €; 3.175 €
All event and yacht costs are included except for food and beverages
7 Days
Eivissa, Formentera, Sant Antoni, Cala Benirras, Cala Bassa, Cala d’Hort, Cala Tarida and more
Starting point: Sant Antoni, Ibiza
Anyone who likes the sea and having fun can participate, no sailing experience is required




















Example itinerary

Day 1: Sant Antoni

We welcome you at Sant Antoni Marina, complete the check-in procedures, and embark on a sailing vacation that we won’t forget!

IBIZA is truly a dream-like island! Not only renowned for its world-famous nightclubs and entertainment but also for its Hippie culture, nearly the entire island being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its unique nature, making Ibiza one of the world’s most important tourism destinations…

We start our vacation in the island’s prominent city, Sant Antoni. As always, the first night means “Family Dinner”! You are our guest in the traditional long table concept, a classic of SAIL BREAK, and this time, it’s at one of IBIZA’s most popular restaurants with a traditional IBIZA menu! Following that; our ‘Opening Party’ with BLACK COFFEE at Hi Ibiza, voted as the best club in the world! Needless to say, it’s going to be an amazing night 😎

Day 2: Sant Antoni > Cala Bassa

We woke up in Sant Antoni! After a delightful breakfast at Es Nautic Restaurant, we do some shopping and set sail by saying ‘AHOY!’ Our destination is the famous Cala Bassa!

What makes Bassa so famous is not just its beach and crystal-clear sea. It’s the incredible venue called CbBc! We’ll spend the day here, starting with appetizers accompanied by a nice champagne, then immersing ourselves in the sea, and getting ready for dinner 😇 After dinner, we can head to the center according to the 2024 Party Calendar or join CbBc’s evening program. Whichever we choose, one thing is for sure – it will be a chic and enjoyable night…

Day 3: Cala Bassa > Sant Antoni / Dalt Vila

Woke up at Cala Bassa. Jumped straight into the sea… We can have our breakfast either on the boat or at CbBc ☺️

In the afternoon, after sailing through the beautiful sea, we take a swim break in a magnificent bay 🏊‍♀️ Then, we dock at Sant Antoni Marina. Today is the day for the Dalt Vila Tour!

We take the SAIL BREAK bus to Dalt Vila 🚌 After a short tour of Ibiza Castle, we prepare for the night by having dinner! Tonight, we are at Pacha for IBIZA’s most renowned and old-party, Flower Power! We’ll fully immerse ourselves in the spirit of the Hippie era 🌼

Day 4: Sant Antoni > Cala Benirras

Sant Antoni mornings usually begin with a leisurely walk along the coast, followed by a delightful breakfast at Rita’s Cantina or Skinny Kitchen. The rest of the day typically continues with some shopping 😇

Around noon, we weigh anchor. Today, our destination is the truly unique bay, Cala Benirras!

After a pleasant sailing journey, we find ourselves in a place that’s hard to describe in words…

In the middle of it all, there’s a sacred rock known as God’s Finger or the Sitting Buddha, a Hippie Market along the shore, Elements Restaurant, and of course, the long-standing Hippie Drums to Sunset Party… As the sun sets behind the sacred rock, we disembark with boats onto the shore and dance for hours with drums on the sand… We hope you can imagine it. You won’t forget this night 😉

Day 5: Cala Benirras > Sa Punta Galera – Sant Antoni

Good morning from Cala Benirras to everyone! We are sure to wake up to a magnificent day… We’ll shake off the tiredness of yesterday with a refreshing swim break. We can head to the shore for a delightful breakfast. Those interested can explore the bay on a paddleboard or sunbathe at the historic fisherman shelters on the beach ☀️

In the afternoon, we set sail to our destination, Sa Punta Galera! This place is truly a gift from nature…

Swimming joyfully next to giant rocks and cliffs, we create our own party in the middle of the sea by connecting the entire fleet, a classic SAIL BREAK move known as a ‘raft.’ Describing this unique atmosphere known as a ‘raft’ is difficult in words 😎

Afterward, our destination is Sant Antoni! Once we enter the marina, we start with a little tour of Sant Antoni…

In the area known as Sunset Strip, where we can watch the sunset in the most beautiful way, there are world-renowned venues like Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo. After the sunset, we continue the night in the pubs on the bar street. We will announce the rest of the night when the IBIZA 2024 Party Calendar is released 😇

Day 6: Sant Antoni > Formentera

The morning in Sant Antoni is, as always, flawless. This time, we may choose to have our breakfast at Rita’s Cantina 😇

After some shopping, we set sail again… Our destination is the island of Formentera. World-renowned, unparalleled beaches, fantastic beach bars, and of course, the famous sunset await us 🌅

After a delightful sailing journey, we arrive at the island. After dropping anchor and a short swim break, we reach the beach again with boats. We start enjoying ourselves at one of the beach bars here, accompanied by beautiful cocktails. We head back to the beach for the sunset. This time, we sink the sun into the sea by swimming… Then, Formentera Center awaits us. After a short walk, we deserve a fantastic dinner.

Day 7: Formentera > Sant Antoni

There are very few things as beautiful as waking up in Formentera 😍 We jump into the sea immediately and swim to our heart’s content just off this world-famous beach. We take a leisurely walk on the beach and enjoy Ses Illetes.

Then it’s time for our final sailing journey. We have a pleasant sail back to Sant Antoni. We dock at our starting point, Sant Antoni Es Nautic Marina. As always, we will pop our farewell champagnes with our captains and capture souvenir photos. Until the next SAIL BREAK 🍾


Participation fees vary depending on the type of accommodation (Cabin / Yacht)

Catamaran Cabin with Private Bathroom

3.650 € / per person

3.175 € / per person

The current discount rate is 13%. Prices may vary based on availability.


Leave a request to get a price


All event and yacht costs are included except for food and beverages


  • 6 nights accommodation on a yacht
  • Captain and all expenses
  • Yacht charter and related expenses
  • Event participation fee
  • Marina fees
  • Long Table Family Dinner (First dinner)
  • Welcome Party (First evening party entrance and first drinks)
  • Bleu & Blanc Night (Last dinner)
  • Daily alcoholic beverages on the yachts
  • Basic necessities package (water, bathroom-kitchen hygiene products, etc.)
  • Fuel and mooring expenses
  • Exclusive SUP and inflatable toys – floating beds for each boat
  • Dinghy and outboard engine
  • Bed linen, towels, and boat delivery cleaning
  • Mandatory travel insurance


  • Special sailing itinerary
  • Sailing training and certification
  • Concept activities
  • Welcome Party
  • Long Table Family Dinner
    Bleu & Blanc Night
  • SAIL BREAK Opening Party: Black Coffee @Hi participation (1st party)
  • David Guetta presents F*** ME I’M FAMOUS! @Ushuaia participation (2nd party)
  • The complimentary exclusive SAIL BREAK swimsuit
  • Hippie Market tour
  • After Sail Parties


  • Transportation to the starting point of the activity (Flight and transfer assistance can be obtained from the reservation unit.)
  • Food & beverage expenses (excluding those provided within the program)
  • ravel health insurance (Assistance can be obtained from the reservation unit.)
    Personal expenses


Cabin with private bathroom
Cabin with private bathroom
Cabin with private bathroom
Cabin with private bathroom
Skippers cabin
Sunbathing area

Catamaran Plan

  • There are 2 different cabin types as bow and aft cabin.
  • Cabins are for 2 people.
  • All catamarans on our Ibiza route have a private bathroom.
  • There is no bunk bed or single bed option.
3D Virtual Tour

Example Yacht Photos - Catamaran


Let’s see what services or materials are/ are not available on the boat by comparing it with a hotel room or an apartment;

What We Have In Our Yachts:

  • Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Shower and toilet
  • Kitchen and kitchen utensils
  • Refrigerator, stove, oven
  • Bed linen, towels, pikes (1 piece each)
  • Basic necessities package (Drinking water, bathroom-kitchen hygiene products, etc.)
  • Boat and engine
  • SUP and inflatable toys – floaites

What We Don't Have In Our Yachts?

  • Hair dryer 
  • Toothbrush, slippers, etc
  • Air conditioning (Available on some yachts, please ask)
  • Housekeeping, room service
  • Telephone, TV, minibar

How To Get There

At SAIL BREAK Events, each participant is responsible for their own transportation to the event venue. Our officials can guide you towards suitable transportation options. Please reach out to us for assistance.


How To Get Ibiza

Our event will start in Sant Antoni, Ibiza. It is possible to find regular scheduled flights from many European cities, especially from Spanish cities. You can contact us for details.

Food & Drinks

At SAIL BREAK events, we welcome you to the Welcome Party on the first night, the traditional Long Table Family Dinner on the first evening, and of course, our final night tradition, the Bleu & Blanc Night dinner.

Additionally, we provide alcholic drinks on the boats every day as part of the concept, and we take care of the boat’s water needs.

For other food and beverage choices, we give our participants the freedom to choose. Participants make their selections based on their preferences and needs. The SAIL BREAK Concierge Team will be delighted to assist you in this regard. They will guide you accurately for both your boat shopping and the restaurants in the region.

Whether it’s at the coastal restaurants or in the kitchen on your yacht

If you have registered for individual participation or cabin charter, we can consider two options for meals. Either the participants can prepare their own meals in the yacht’s kitchen, or we can dine at coastal restaurants when we dock ashore. While group meals can be organized, each team is also free to make their own arrangements.

Depending on the number of days spent on the yacht and on land, we advise consulting with your captain to decide the ratio and plan your provisions accordingly 😉

In the case of  private yacht charter, there is no shared budget. Each team can create their own system. We can provide a hostess/chef for the yacht, and they can prepare the meals.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any further questions.

Bank Transfer


Garanti Bank


Yapı Kredi Bank

QNB Finansbank

Credit cards offer interest-free installment plans for up to 6 months domestically and a split payment option for international transactions.

Cancellation is allowed up to 21 days for domestic events and up to 30 days for international events.

Secure your spot and lock in the price with a 20% deposit.

15 - 21 June


We're offering additional discounts and benefits
on top of our discounted price.

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