1 - 8 JUNE



The wonders of nature and unique bays in the world’s best locations


With hundreds of people who share the common interests as you


at After Sail Parties that organized every night on yachts and beaches


Take a SAIL BREAK! Book a yacht in the fleet or book a cabin, sail, party, and discover!

Professional or a Rookie

More than half of the SAIL BREAKERS are sailing for the first time! If you decide to book a cabin, you’ll
get a professional captain. If you decide to book a yacht, you can be your own captain or ask us to
assign you one. That captain can also teach you how to sail, if you want.

Invite Your Friends

I won’t be hard to convince them! Send them this website or ask them to take a look at the posts
tagged with #sailbreak… 1, 10, or more, you can invite as many friends as you like!

Rent a Yacht or Rent a Cabin

You can either share a cabin with your friend and be part of a yacht or you can book one of our 3-4-5 cabin yachts!

Choose Your Event, Learn About the Details

Take a look at the upcoming events, choose your adventure.




4-day sailing festival at GÖCEK’s unique bays, surrounded by a magnificent environment! Check out the program and the all-inclusive prices starting from 410€.


JUNE 1 - 8

A fantastic 7-day vacation! What more is there to say? The island of freedom IBIZA is calling! Check out the program and the all-inclusive prices starting from 700€.