IBIZA - Frequently Asked Questions


Sailing all day at unique bays in the world’s best destinations, After Sail Parties on the yachts or at the beaches…

You can be a professional or just a rookie…

Everybody can join. The fleet, special events and the parties are waiting for you!

Officially; SAIL BREAK is the term used for sailboat travel programs organized by Vira Yachting.

For us though, it means something more; SAIL BREAK allows us to do what we love with people we care about!

We aim to sail you away from the daily routine.

We mix sailing with entertainment in the best way possible!

Our team is not only extremely fun to hang out with but also equally responsible and experienced. We’ve been working hard to organize perfect events since 2009.

Since 2009 we’ve been organizing sailing festivals and among our destinations are Göcek, Marmaris, Greek Islands, IBIZA, and Mallorca. If you want to take a look at some of our photos and videos, check out the Media section.

Please check out the Who Are We section.

Let us try to explain the concept to the potential participants who’ve never spent time on a sailing boat before;


“Think about a vacation where your room is situated right above the sea and the door to your balcony opens to the views of the world’s most wonderful bays.. Instead of enjoying the views of the sea from far away, you are floating on the waves. One day you wake up to the views of a pine forest, and the very next day you find yourself heading to one of the most exclusive parties in the world, on a yacht. You are sailing all day every day, learning to work with the winds… And you share this experience with hundreds of other like-minded people who share your tastes.”

Enough said?


Find the detailed itinerary at SAIL BREAK IBIZA site.

Even though each day and each destination is unique in their own sense, let us try to give you a rough outline of a regular day. Groups usually wake up around 10 AM but the hour might show some differences depending on the events of the previous night and how late we go to bed as a result. If the boats are moored in a bay, most of the groups have their breakfasts on the boats. If the boats are tied up to a marina, restaurants and cafés become good options.


Once the groups are ready to leave, we set off to a different bay. En route, many pass the time sunbathing or snacking. You can also just focus on sailing. Those who opt for a sailing course get to enjoy some sailing time with the help of a professional.


A couple of hours later, we arrive our destination! Some groups prepare food while some others prefer swimming. Some groups leave the boat to explore the land. Afternoon is when the traditional “After Sail Party” starts, either on the boat or on the beach!


After a couple of hours filled with pure joy, some groups leave the boat to discover the local area. The rest stay and keep the party going on the boats.


Time to hit the road again – the fleet heads to the destination where we’ll spend the night.


When everybody starts complaining about how hungry they are we have dinner, accompanied by unrivaled views, either at a restaurant on the seashore or on the boats, depending on the destination.


Of course we keep on partying after dinner. Various games, good music, and DJ performances await!


Find the detailed itinerary at SAIL BREAK IBIZA site.


No worries, we don’t require previous sailing experience. Half of the participants usually don’t know how to sail. You can join our events with or without a skipper. We can assign a skipper to your rented yacht and if you are interested, that skipper can teach you about sailing and principles of navigation. Of course, only if you want to learn! You can always opt to enjoy your trip and not turn it into a long lecture.



  • Minors can only participate with an accompanying adult.



“Private Yacht Booking” system allows you to be the skipper (captain) if you are qualified. If you don’t have any experience and rather prefer enjoying the trip, we can assign a skipper to your yacht. In the “Cabin Bookings/Individual Participation” system, the skipper is part of the package deal.

Each participant is responsible for their transportation to the meeting point. We’ll keep in touch for ideas and possible campaigns.


Getting to IBIZA



Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Turkey to IBIZA. You can fly to Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia and find a cheap flight from there to IBIZA (IBZ) Airport.


There are other European countries which offer direct flights to IBIZA. You can just hop on a plane to one of the available destinations and make a transfer from there.


You can also use Skyscanner to find connecting flights from İstanbul to IBIZA.


You can also use ferries.

The ferries to IBIZA operate from both Barcelona and Valencia. Named Balearia ve Trasmediterranea, these ferries take sometime between 2,5 hours to 6 hours to reach IBIZA.

Please contact us if you think you need help about your transportation.

We only use the most prestigious and comfortable yachts for SAIL BREAK Events. Our fleet is made up of various yachts with 3-5 cabins, measuring between 36-54 ft.


Contact us to learn more about them.

Of course you can! But your knowledge and experience should be approved by the Vira Yachting / Delphia Yachts Sailing Academy Training Coordination Office. You are required to disclose an Amateur Sailor Certificate in the least.

Well, you don’t have to know anyone before you join since you’ll meet new people with common interests! More than half of the rest either know only one person or just don’t know anyone.


There are too ways to join. The first one is by renting a yacht which is very suitable for groups of friends, companies, universities, and families.


The other option is to rent a cabin, which is the suitable option for you. You can either rent a double cabin and share it with someone or opt for a single one.

Of course – you’ll be able to land during some SAIL BREAK events, when we tie up to a marina or spend the night offshore from a restaurant. Other nights we spend the nights in world-famous bays, yachts side tied to each other.  

Every yacht in the fleet includes one or more shower/toilet. Some cabins have private showers. You’ll be able to use the showers and toilets on the yachts.

You can also use the showers and toilets at the marinas or the restaurants when we are docked.

Bring along a small and, if possible, a foldable bag. We recommend you to pack only the clothes that are light enough to sail with comfortably and chic enough to wear to the parties.


Contact us for details.

On top of the participation fee, each and every destination on the SAIL BREAK itinerary may come with an additional cost. The event offers two distinct participation options – Individual Participation and Renting a Private Yacht. Additional costs will show variances depending on which option you choose.


Additional costs on an Individual Participation Yacht are listed below;

  • Travel (flight / bus) costs.
  • The skipper of the Individual Participation Yachts will collect 50 € from each of the participants and create a shared fund for the yacht to cover for water, other drinks, main menu, and snacks. You can shop individually for your personal needs.

*Private Yachts will not entail such method. However, you can organize something similar within your group of friends.

  • Prices of dinners and drinks show differences depending on the destination. For example if you prefer eating at a restaurant in IBIZA, the cost will be between 11-30 € per person (drinks not included). The drinks will cost you between 11-31 € each day.
  • Possible damages on the boat. If the boat is damaged as a result of an action you were warned about, the damage will be billed to your name. Although no such accidents usually occur, the costs will show variances depending on the damage.

The event will start at 16:00 on 1 June 2019 at IBIZA Sant Antony de Portmany. Check-In and Welcome Briefing will be held at 21.00. Participation in this briefing is mandatory. You must arrange your fligth accordingly.

The event will come to an end at 09:00 on 8 June 2019 at IBIZA Sant Antony de Portmany.


You can arrange your return accordingly.


Note: The fleet will tie up to the marina at 19:00 on 7 June 2019. If you want, you can pick a flight that night rather than waiting for the next day.

We strongly recommend that you fill out the pre-registration form before it’s too late. Announcement and registration periods last very short which means we reach the quota very fast. To make a reservation; you have to pay %30 of the price if you are renting a yacht and %50 of the price if you are participating individually. Then you’ll have to sign the participation agreement. Your reservation will be finalized once you complete these steps.

Of course you can! You can either rent a yacht with your own group of friends, or you can be a part of a yacht with cabin booking. If you want something more affordable or can’t make enough of a crowd to fill a yacht, go for the second option by choosing the “Individual Participation/Cabin Booking” option.

Of course you can! In this case, you should opt for “Private Boat Booking” instead of “Cabin Booking/Individual Participation” If you need, we can assign a skipper and a hostess to your boat.

Unfortunately not. But rest assured that all of our skippers are trained to help you make the most of your journey!